Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sweetest Way to Save a Life

Rescue Chocolate is “the sweetest way to save a life.” From each chocolate purchased the company donates 100% of the net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. See the list of who they donate to here.

The packaging of each flavor of Rescue Chocolate sheds light on a different aspect of companion animal overpopulation. Not only is Rescue Chocolate interested in raising funds for rescues, but they want to get the word out about these oh-so-fixable issues!

In stock right now we have Wild at Heart (dark chocolate hearts filled with zingy raspberry ganache for all of the animals who are meant to be wild), Peanut Butter Pit Bull (crispy peanut butter and chocolate, countering the negative public image of pit bull-type dogs), and Mission Feral Fig (fig, cranberry, almond, and spices, highlighting the humane solution for feral cats, Trap Neuter, and Release (TNR)).