Friday, November 11, 2011

In Search Of...The Perfect Gift

Okay, so maybe there's nothing paranormal about finding just the right something for someone you care about, but locating a suitable gift can be a little mysterious. At Ethique Nouveau we take the guesswork out of gift giving with our gift registry.

If you'd like to create your own personal wish list, come into Ethique Nouveau, browse around, and then fill out a card with all the things your heart desires including color and size preferences. Then tell all your friends and family you've registered at Ethique Nouveau. When they come in, we'll show them your wish list and help them pick out the perfect gift for you...perfect because you've already chosen it yourself!

And for those who just can't commit themselves to a list, we offer gift certificates in any amount as well.

You can't go wrong shopping at Ethique Nouveau - since every purchase helps fund animal advocacy programs, every gift is a gift to the animals, too.